The use of frozen dried technology in the field of beauty

  Frozen dried powder is neither a type of product nor a component, but a storage technology. This technology retains the original activity effect by freezing the medicinal solution. Frozen dried powder is a product of modern biotechnology. It was originally used for medical injection drugs and later used for medical beauty and theaters. With the development of biotechnology, frozen -dried powder entered millions of households through daily chemical channels, which provided it for repairing skin problems. The safer and effective solution.

The use of frozen dried technology in the field of beauty

  First, let's first understand what is frozen dried powder?

  The core technology of frozen dried powder is "vacuum frozen drying technology". It refers to the use of a frozen dryer in a low -temperature environment in a low -temperature environment below minus 40 ° below minus 40 °. A drying technology.

  For substances that need to maintain biological activity, the moisture contained in it needs to be frozen at low temperature, and then dry it in a vacuum environment to allow the water to be sublimated directly from the solid state to the water vapor and excludes it from the product. Frozen dried powder technology effectively prevents changes in product physics or biological characteristics, has less damage to biological tissue activity characteristics, and quickly enters the dormant state, effectively protecting the stability of the effective ingredients of biological products.

  2. What are the advantages of frozen and dry ice crystals compared to ordinary skin care products?

  Frozen dried powder is almost synonymous with high -end skin care products. It is widely used in the skin care field, thanks to the unique advantages of freezing and dry products.

Freeze dried facial mask

  1. High -living preservation, guardianship effect

  Biological activity refers to a compound that is beneficial or physiological to the life activity of the biological body, which plays an important role in trauma repair, anti -aging anti -wrinkle, anti -sensitivity acne, hydrating and whitening freckle removal. However, liquid products are prone to risk factors such as uncertainty such as protein degeneration and pH variables when they are affected by the external environment.

  The frozen -dried powder after low temperature curing is not easy to change even if it is prone to oxidation. Ensure the stability of the active substances in skin care products. After applying the face, there is still strong activity, rather than a deterioration of "abuse".

  2. Quantitative packaging, accurate use

  In the production process of frozen dried powder, the internal materials need to be quantified. This makes the frozen -dried powder in skin care products mostly in the form of a small packaging of Xilin bottle. As the saying goes, aside from dosage, toxicity is playing hooligan. In skin care products, it is unscientific to put aside the effect of dosage. There are mostly dosage effects in biological activity, and the relatively accurate dosage can exert the beauty skin care or wound repair effect of frozen -dried powder, which also avoids the misunderstanding of high concentrations of pursuing high concentrations in skin care products.

  3. minimalist formula, no anti -corrosion, no added

  Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, everyone's demand for minimalist formulas, no anticorrosive, and no added has reached the commanding heights. Frozen dried powder is made from a low temperature environment for a low temperature environment. One or more effects ingredients plus simple auxiliary materials and no additional preservatives are needed.

  4. With solve media, the effect is added

  Frozen dried powder actually refers to a combination of a frozen -dried powder, but a combination with soluble media. After the integration of solution and frozen dried powder, it can quickly restore its biological activity. After integrating with soluble media, the high biological active substances in the frozen dried powder can quickly penetrate into the base layer to repair. CAF solution also has effective ingredients, which is a way of use.

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