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Hangzhou Freeze Technology Co., Ltd. (FTFDS) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, sales and service of vacuum freeze-drying systems. It is committed to creating customized, professional and high-quality freeze-drying process solutions for customers.










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The company has passed the ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001 three system certification, and was rated as a national high-tech enterprise. With an industry-leading R&D center, we develop supporting freeze-drying solutions for customers. Furuijie pays attention to the market with professionalism and forward-looking, and provides customers with intelligent freeze-drying equipment.

Research and Development
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Furuijie maintains close contact with customers and provides application support to customers through our various sales points. It has always been the goal of FTFDS to develop durable and reliable instruments. When there is a problem with our instruments, we only replace them instead of repairing them. We maintain software update services, and regular customer return visits allow users to receive continuous support.

FTFDS Support
FTFDS Group providing with high quality products and good service, BIOBASE would like to establish win-win business cooperation with distributors all over the world.
Exhibition Dynamics| Furujie Meet with You at the 57th China Higher
No longer judge the tight connection, cancel the circuit breaker mechanism of inbound flights, adjust the risk area to "high and low", correct the unscientific practices of nucleic acid testing, such as "two checks a day" and "three checks a day", and accelerate the dru
The 10th Huazhong Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition in 2021
From October 14th to 16th, 2021, the 10th Huazhong Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (Huazhong Scientific Instrument Exhibition) in 2021 was grandly held in Wuhan China Optics Valley Science and Technology Convention and Exhibition Center. As a communication platform for
What are the technical principles and advantages of the in-situ freeze dryer?
Because the vacuum freeze-drying method has many advantages over other drying methods, this technology is favored by people, and it has been widely used in medicine, biological products and food. The in-situ freeze dryer is mainly used for freeze-dried products. The freeze-dried products are spo
Biopharmaceutical freeze-drying applications and freeze-drying processes
With the development of biotechnology, freeze-drying technology has become more and more widely used in the field of biopharmaceuticals. In the past two decades, biopharmaceuticals have made breakthroughs in improving human immunity and genetic diseases. More and more The biological products are
What kind of freeze dryer is used for freeze-drying vaccines
Vaccine is an economical and effective means to prevent and control infectious diseases. Vaccination is a routine method to prevent and control human and animal diseases by inducing a protective immune response in the body. Although the vaccine is highly effective, there are still some challenge
Biological tissue freeze-drying technology
Biological tissue materials are frozen and dry and their preparation methods are biotechnology.Background technique:Biomass materials are used for contact and interaction with the life system, and can be used for the diagnosis, repair and enhancement of human tissue and organs, that is,
The use of frozen dried technology in the field of beauty
Frozen dried powder is neither a type of product nor a component, but a storage technology. This technology retains the original activity effect by freezing the medicinal solution. Frozen dried powder is a product of modern biotechnology. It was originally used for medical injection drugs and la
Nutritional Supplement Freeze Drying Technology
Nutritional supplements such as probiotics and various enzyme preparations are very important to the health of modern people, but the preservation of these foods is more difficult than ordinary foods, so how can they be better preserved? Freeze-drying technology may become a widely used technolo
Application of freeze-drying in soil freeze-drying
The soil is continuously cultivated throughout the year, and some of the pesticides applied to the crops are attached to the crops, and some are scattered in the soil, air and water environment, and some of the pesticides remaining in the soil will be absorbed by the plants. Soil remediation ref
Application of freeze-drying technology in the preservation of archaeological relics
Cultural relics are a witness to human history. Improper handling of unearthed cultural relics may result in a lack of understanding of a certain history. The freeze-drying treatment of acidified paper cultural relics is also a protection of freeze-dried cultural relics.Modern research resul
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